冻结 Android 应用 Freeze Android apps 2/12/6.72/172.57


GNU General Public License v3.0

<p>Hail is a free-as-in-freedom software to freeze Android apps. Enjoy all features freely!</p>


<p>Freeze is a word to describe the action of <strong>forbid apps when they are unnecessary</strong>

to use device

in a better way, cut down the usage of ram and save power. User can unfreeze it to revert.</p>

<p>In general, &quot;freeze&quot; means disable, but also Hail can &quot;freeze&quot; apps by hiding

and suspending them.</p>


<p>Disable apps will not shown in launcher. Enable them to revert.</p>


<p>Hidden apps will not shown in launcher and installed app list. Unhide them to revert.</p>


<p>Suspended apps will be shown as grayscale icons in the launcher. Unsuspend them to revert.</p>

<h3>Working mode</h3>

<p>Hail can work with <code>Device Owner</code>, <code>Superuser</code> (Root) and

<code>Shizuku</code> (including Sui).</p>

<p><strong>Frozen app need to be unfrozen by the same working mode.</strong></p>



<p>For devices support wifi adb or rooted, <code>Shizuku</code> is

recommend. <a href="https://github.com/RikkaApps/Shizuku">About Shizuku</a></p>



<p>For rooted devices, <code>Superuser</code> is alternative. <strong>It is slower.</strong>




<p>Select <code>Device Owner</code> otherwise. <strong>It's a pain to set up.</strong></p>





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