Sanmill is an open-source, UCI-like Mill/Morris/Merrills/Mühle/Malom (and its variants) program with CUI, Flutter GUI and Qt GUI, sharing and freely distributing the code, tools and data needed to deliver this mill game. We do this because we are convinced that open software and open data are key ingredients to make rapid progress.


GNU General Public License v3.0


Mill Game program, which supports rule variants.Rules:* A player who aligns three pieces on a board line has a mill and may remove his opponent's piece(s).* Any player reduces to two pieces and has no option to form new mills and thus loses the game.* If a player cannot move one of his pieces (is locked up), he has lost the game.Features:* Support rule variants, such as Nine Men's Morris, Twelve Men's Morris, "flying" rule, or no "flying" rule.* Play against the AI, or play both sides.* Adjustable playing strength.* Import/export move list.* Highly configurable.* Color themes.* Support accessibility.* Supports 45+ languages, such as English, Persian, German, Hungarian, Russian, Arabic, Czech, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi.Some strategy tips for beginners:* Playing on the cross points because they offer more way mobility to the pieces.* Corners are weak, as the player can only move in fewer directions.* Giving the piece space to move.* Do not make mills straight away. Usually, the first player to make a mill in the placement phase will easily get blocked.* Black has an advantage because it gets to place the last piece strategically.* Double attacks - be aware that players can attack two points simultaneously.



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