Sync your notes between Android, iOs devices and different accounts like Gmail, iCloud, and others


GNU General Public License v3.0

* synchronize HTML notes between Android devices and IMAP servers.

* to be used with different IMAP servers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Posteo and your server)

* HTML editor with lots of features

* create check lists

* full text search

* filter and organize your notes by #HashTags

* light and dark mode support

* color support for notes

* share your notes

* backup and restore your notes to/from a local zip archive

* notes are saved as standard HTML E-mails

* security can be plain text, SSL/TLS or STARTTLS

* multiple IMAP accounts and/or notepads can be managed

* works offline and sync is done in the background

* only a minimum on user permissions required

* open source - no tracker or advertising



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