SimpleX - the first messaging network operating without user identifiers of any kind - 100% private by design! iOS, Android and desktop apps 📱!


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0


SimpleX Chat - a private & encrypted open-source messenger without any user IDs (not even random ones)!To send messages, make a private connection via link or QR code.SimpleX - the first messaging platform without user identifiers of any kind (not even random numbers) - 100% private by design!Security assessment by Trail of Bits: Chat features:- end-to-end encrypted messages, with editing, replies and deletion.- disappearing messages with opt-out per contact/group.- message reactions.- delivery receipts, with opt-out per contact or group.- multiple chat profiles, with hidden profiles.- app access and self-destruct passcodes.- incognito mode - unique to SimpleX Chat.- sending end-to-end encrypted images and files.- voice messages up to 5 minutes – also end-to-end encrypted.- "live" messages – they update for all recipients as you type them, every few seconds - unique to SimpleX Chat.- single-use and long-term user "addresses".- secret chat groups - only group members know the group exists and who is the member.- end-to-end encrypted audio and video calls.- connection security code verification, for contacts and group members – to protect from man-in-the-middle attacks (e.g. invitation link substitution).- end-to-end encrypted push notifications (they contain only encrypted meta-data, not the actual content).- encrypted portable chat database - you can transfer your chat contacts and history to another device.- all local files and media are encrypted by default.- animated images and "stickers" (e.g., from GIF and PNG files and from 3rd party keyboards).SimpleX Chat advantages:- privacy of your identity, profile, contacts and metadata: unlike any other existing messaging platform, SimpleX uses no phone numbers or any other identifiers assigned to the users - not even random numbers. This protects the privacy of who you are communicating with, hiding it from SimpleX platform servers and from any observers.- complete protection against spam and abuse: as you have no identifier on SimpleX platform, you cannot be contacted unless you share a one-time invitation link or an optional temporary user address.- full ownership, control and security of your data: SimpleX stores all user data on client devices, the messages are only held temporarily on SimpleX relay servers until they are received.- decentralized proxied peer-to-peer network: you can use SimpleX Chat via your own relay servers and still communicate with people using pre-configured or any other SimpleX relay servers.- fully open-source code.You can connect to anybody you know via link or scan QR code (in the video call or in person) and start sending messages instantly - no emails, phone numbers or passwords needed. Your profile and contacts are only stored in the app on your device - relay servers do not have access to this information. All messages are end-to-end encrypted using open-source double-ratchet protocol; the messages are delivered via relay servers using open-source SimpleX Messaging Protocol. Please send us any questions via the app (connect to the team via the app settings!), email [email protected] or submit issues on GitHub ( Ream more about SimpleX Chat at https://simplex.chatGet source code in our GitHub repo: Follow us on Reddit (r/SimpleXChat/), Twitter (@SimpleXChat) and Mastodon ( for the latest updates.



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